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Free Green Energy Wales

Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Air Ground Source Heat Pumps

Demonstrate your renewable commitments and start a 25 YEAR INCOME STREAM for your home or business with our photovoltaic panels. We can help you lower your carbon footprint, raise awareness and buy into one of the best financial investments currently available. As accredited MCS Installers for PV and Solar Thermal systems we can give you expert advice and access the new Feed in Tariffs.

Train the Trainer - City & Guilds 7300

The City & Guilds 7300 - Train the Trainer is an ideal qualification for those who wish to train others in organisations. The course is delivered over 2 days, and provides participants with a sound introduction to the concepts of a systematic approach to training. No matter what kind of training you do, whether it be sales, shop floor skills, IT or financial planning - this course will enable you to prepare and handle whatever happens in the training room with panache, flair and professionalism, as well as giving you a certified City & Guilds qualification.

PTLLS - City & Guilds 6302

The principle of the City & Guilds 6302 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) course is to provide an introduction to individuals who wish to train or teach. As a qualification it will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to support learners, for people who consider themselves or who are trainers, facilitators and teachers. The course is aimed at individuals who are looking to train or teach on a regular one-to-one basis.

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