The Cerddin Brewery

Whilst Walking the Dog

Walking the dog is generally a time in which we can talk uninterrupted about the pub. We talk about any jobs that need doing and any improvements we can make. On this particular day we talked about having our own brewery. After some discussions and a few calls a 2.5 barrel unit and a brewery course were on its way. We then got in touch with Buster the head brewer at the Breconshire brewery. Here we started our first steps to becoming brewers.

Building the Brewery

The builder was sworn to secrecy, however after applying for planning permission and sourcing equipment the council had informed the local residents about our brewery. Planning permission was granted and we applied for a variety of grants towards the building and equipment.


Our head brewer Dai was sent to Brewelab lab in Sunderland where he could develop his abilities. This run alongside the pubs busiest time with the six nations taking place on the weekends, this would mean commute between Sunderland and South Wales on the weekends.

The Beginning

After the equipment had been installed in the brewery it was time to get to work. Many hours were put in to find the perfect recipe. The first beer produced was 'Maiden Ale', the feedback from our customers has been superb and after being stabilised, it is now a permanent feature of our bar. We have since gone on to create Cwrw Dau (Beer Two) and Cwrw Tri (Beer Three), which have also received excellent feedback.


    Opening Times - Cross Inn

    Monday 11:45am - Midnight
    Tuesday 11:45am - Midnight
    Wednesday 11:45am - Midnight
    Thursday 11:45am - Midnight
    Friday 11:45am - 01:00am
    Saturday 11:45am - 01:00am
    Sunday 11:30am - Midnight

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