Cerddin Brewery - The Carbon Friendly Brewery

Welcome to the Cerddin Brewery based in Maesteg where all the beer that is produced comes from green energy. We also run our own pub called the Cross Inn, where you can find our beers on tap. If you would like to contact us regarding our beer then please fill in our contact form. The word Cerddin is Welsh for Rowan Tree, this tree is distinctive due to its bright red berry's which appear in the Autumn. It is stated in Mythology that the Rowan is magical and that it warns off spirits.

Our Beer - Real Welsh Ale

We have produced a great variety of highly successful beers which include: The Maiden Ale, Cascade, Dragons Fire, Cwrw Tri and Solar. We love what we do, we aim to make beer that our customers love to drink. We are continuously looking to develop more brands of beer in the future. Real Welsh Ale

The Green Energy Brewery

The Cerddin Brewery is powered by green energy, the use of solar energy is clean and sustainable which helps us protect the environment. Unlike traditional sources of electricity it does not release harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury or sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. More

Latest News

Award Award Siba Logo

SIBA Bronze award for our Red Devilish at SIBA's South West Independent Beer Awards 2017.

Welsh Assembly Reach

Supported by reach, Bridgend County Borough Council and The European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development

    Opening Times - Cross Inn

    Monday 11:45am - Midnight
    Tuesday 11:45am - Midnight
    Wednesday 11:45am - Midnight
    Thursday 11:45am - Midnight
    Friday 11:45am - 01:00am
    Saturday 11:45am - 01:00am
    Sunday 11:30am - Midnight

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Telephone: 01656 732476